Realization of your project

The different stages of realization of an installation
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Step 1


Ask for a quote, and one of our installation specialists will evaluate your home for potential solar energy savings and generate your customized proposal. We will also answer all your questions. Simple and free.

Step 2


Once the solar site assessment is complete, the solar systems engineer will model your home in our state-of-the-art software. The sizing of the solar system is designed to match your current electricity demand and your physical site characteristics. We offer complete customization and work with you using LIDAR, drone and satellite imagery, shading analysis and weather history of your home to optimize your scenario.

Plan panneaux solaire
Pouce en l'air

Step 3

Authorization and order of material

If you decide to proceed, you will approve the final design of your new solar system and we will make the mandatory requests for installation permits. We will work with your utility on the grid interconnection agreement and order the necessary solar equipment. Everything is managed by us – we work closely with several local manufacturers.

Step 4


The installation of your system on your house. We are general contractor and specialized in solar energy. RBQ licensee. We ensure the complete installation of your solar panels. We employ a professional team dedicated to providing the best know-how available in the industry. Most of our installations take only a few days and are fully operational within days of commissioning. We take care of everything from start to finish.

installation panneau solaire

Step 5


Your utility (Hydro-Québec) will have to give us the final permission to connect your panels to the grid and start generating clean energy. This is called operating permission. Once the agreement is reached, your panels are ready to be activated and you can start producing your own energy.

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