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For a greener future since 2010

Our Story

Our Prosolaire story was founded in 2010 by Benoît Gagné who worked for many years in the solar industry before starting the business. They bring years of collective experience and have made Prosolaire one of the leading providers of residential solar solutions in Quebec in a very short time.

The real proof of our rapid success and our vision of the future is demonstrated by the faith that others have invested in us including Ms. Danièle Henkel, during our stint on the show Dragon’s den. In just over a year, we have collected more than 150 customers, and this number continues to grow. In 2015 we decided to incorporate and become a general contractor specializing in renewable energy. Since our incorporation, we have served more than 1,000 clients across Quebec.

We must think of our heritage as of now.

Province du Québec

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Montreal is our administrative center, but we serve clients throughout Quebec and in some parts of the world. We work in partnership with a qualified network of specialists in energy efficiency and product development, to facilitate the process of economy and profitability for our customers.

Our mission is to transform the energy industry by giving people the choice of affordable and reliable solar energy. And we do exactly that, one solar panel at a time.